CDRip - a Bash CD ripping script

CDRip 1.2 Released!

October 11th, 2005 - A new feature that I'm sure many of you sorely missed from CDRip since the beginning. If the freedb database has multiple entries for the album you're ripping, CDRip will now give you a list of the artists and albums and ask you which one is correct (if you are running in interactive mode). Download 1.2.

CDRip 1.1 Released!

May 10th, 2005 - Just a bugfix, and slight tweaking of the default cdrip.conf file. I noticed some time ago that the commandline flags weren't working. Now they do! Download 1.1.

CDRip 1.0 Released!

September 24th, 2004 - Well, I originally released 0.5 knowing that CDRip was missing a few key features that would make it truly complete. I thought that I would slowly encorporate each feature, and release 0.6, 0.7, etc... Alas, I present to you CDRip 1.0! A nice set of new features here. All is explained in the change log. Download 1.0, you won't regret it!

CDRip 0.5.1 Released!

September 16th, 2004 - Well, here's my second release! Hasn't been long, I know. The project is just a couple of days old. But it had been bugging me that the script didn't support a default global configuration file. I wanted this feature mainly because it would be easier to distribute. Read the change log and download 0.5.1.

Copyright © 2005 Paul Seropian. This is GPL software.