About CDRip

Ripping is Power

The goal of CDRip is to empower the user. The script is meant as a foundation for ripping your personal CD collection to your computer, for fair use purposes such as building a PC jukebox, or transfering compressed audio to your portable player. CDRip allows you to automate the process of ripping, encoding, naming, organizing, tagging, and pretty much anything else you might do with your music before listening to it.

CDRip is NOT a Ripper

This is an automation tool. CDRip does not actually rip the music for you, but it allows you to run various commands, such as cdparanoia and lame, to get the job done easily. CDRip is in no way restricted to any ripping or encoding tools. You can use anything. This is what differentiates CDRip from most other ripping tools around today.

CDRip is Your Tool

CDRip can be customized to do pretty much anything you wish. Configuration is done with the .cdrip.conf file in your home directory. The conf file is simply a bash script. By defining several required functions to do your bidding, you can create your tool, the way you want it to work. A sample cdrip.conf file is provided with the download. You can see some examples of advanced usage here.

Copyright © 2005 Paul Seropian. This is GPL software.